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Our women's boutique based in Bydgoszcz invites you for an extraordinary journey into the world of fashionable and comfortable clothes, which will be suitable both for a business meeting and for going out for coffee with friends. All proposals that we make available to our customers are sewn from the highest quality materials, so that they in no way irritate the skin and do not deteriorate after a few uses. The online boutique that we run allows you to shop conveniently online - without leaving home!

You have the opportunity to check all the items seen in our catalog to choose those that best help you express your character and determination. With the clothing available in our offer you will dress not only comfortably, but also stylishly, without sacrificing one of these aspects for the other - so don't wait, order our products and feel the difference! LUISA CERANO excites confident women with individual style all over the world.

Its hallmark is the unique feminine, casual silhouette, which is reinterpreted each season in an innovative and modern way. Our products mark an individual understanding of femininity, as well as comfort and sportiness. We stand out from the competition with our reasonable prices and high quality materials used to create the available clothing products, and intriguing thematic motifs.

luisa cerano

LUISA CERANO excites confident women with individual style all over the world. Its hallmark is the unmistakable feminine, casual silhouette, which is reinterpreted in innovative and modern ways each season. Luis Cerano products mark an individual understanding of femininity, as well as comfort and sportiness. Compared to the competition, the brand is distinguished by reasonable prices and high-quality materials used to create clothing products edited in each successive season with fashion themed motifs.

beate heymann

The Beate Heymann brand stands for high quality and excellent service. The target group is confident and stylish women. In addition to the fancy cuts and visionary fabric compositions that dominate the collections, many details and harmonious accessories emphasize the unique look. In addition to the look, the customer's well-being is fundamental to the designer. A woman should not only see the designer's vision, but also feel it on her skin - this is the motto of the Beate Hetmann brand.


Cambio brand pants are characterized by a unique combination of functionality and chic design - we take the best, providing our customers with comfortable and stylish clothing products. No matter which of the proposals seen in our online store you choose, Cambio guarantees the highest quality materials and fashionable cuts for different silhouettes.

louise and mia

Louis and Mia designers create fashionable fashions for customers with the highest demands on design and quality. The exclusive mareki high fashion collections of LOUIS and MIA are noble - modern - clean and make a clear fashion statement with their uniqueness. The garments are produced exclusively in Europe in branches of long-standing manufacturing partners.


Baldinini is an Italian brand, founded in 1910, so with a rich tradition and experience. The Baldinini brand was at first a family business. The history of the brand began in the town of San Mauro Pascoli, located on the Adriatic coast, to gain popularity and recognition around the world over time. Two generations is the time that the brand has used to stabilize and, at the same time, constantly develop, so as to expand its business from the local level to the area of all Italy. Gimmi Baldinini is a representative of the third generation that managed the brand. In 1970, he took the helm and introduced ambitious programs that resulted in introducing the Baldinini brand to the world. The year 1974 was also a milestone, when the Baldinini shoe model became a spectacular success. Since then, the brand has continued to grow in popularity. Baldinini shoes are first and foremost sophisticated elegance juxtaposed with comfort and convenience accompanying their wearing. The brand uniquely combines the style of today with tomorrow, also giving hope for a future full of grace. The brand's philosophy is encapsulated in innovation, classic elegance, decisiveness and avant-garde. Attention to detail, precise selection of materials, passion for creation are the hallmarks of Baldinini.


It is a jacket company. Since the mid-1990s, the German jacket manufacturer has been synonymous with the perfect symbiosis of fashionable design and technical innovation. MILESTONE collections are characterized by casual cuts, vibrant materials, strong silhouettes and extraordinary details. With high-quality materials and extraordinary finishes, MILESTONE creates unique pieces that are as individual as each woman's personal style.