Branded women's pants - what cuts will be fashionable this season?

Trends in the world of fashion are constantly changing, so it is worth knowing what is currently on top. If you want to find out what cuts of women's pants will be fashionable this season, read our article. In it we describe the models that are worth stocking your closet with in the coming months. This will help you create a tasteful, branded styling for any occasion.

Fashionable cuts of women's pants for this season

Bell bottoms have been enduringly popular for some time now. This cut is characterized by a tailored fit at the hips and waist and flared legs that slightly cover the shoes. Due to the popularity of this cut, branded pants in this style can be purchased at any store or boutique, including Luisa Cerano.

Another fashionable choice for this season are wide leg models. Their legs widen already from the hips, so they add an interesting look to any styling. Their more sophisticated counterpart is the palazzo. These are elegant pants with wide legs, which this season will be chosen for elegant outfits and combined with tops and blouses.

Casual pants always in fashion

An alternative to voluminous cuts are tube, or skinny fit models. They perfectly emphasize the silhouette and are a proven, fashionable option for any occasion. Supporters of casual style will also be interested in boyfriend cuts. Their loose cut often goes hand in hand with rubbing, and they are available in brand-name boutiques and popular stores.

Another fashionable cut this season will be similar to boyfriend models mom jeans. Also not out of favor are culottes, which are pants similar to palazzo, but with a leg length of 7/8. Slouches stand out for their unconventional cut. They have balloon legs and will work well for elegant as well as casul styles. Lovers of freedom will be happy to reach for joggers, or models with welts on the leg. Also not to be missed is the paperbag cut, which is finished with a tie at the top.

So this season there will be no shortage of stylish offerings for everyone! If you want to stock up on fashionable branded pants of any cut, visit the Luisa Cerano boutique. There you will find skinny fit models, wide leg and many more - check it out for yourself.